Meet the FLMS Board of Directors
Executive Director
Steve Frazier
Peter Megara
Secretary & Collegiate Contact
Cheryl Ellerbrock
Shirley Fox
State Conference Chair
Kathy Shewey
State Conference-Exhibitor Information & Historian
Cathy Egley
Region 1 Director
Grant Meyer
Region 2 Director
Region 3 Director
Maureen Shankman
Region 4 Director
Cathy Egley
Region 5 Director
Shana Logan
Region 6 Director
Region 7 Director
Claudia Ruiz
Florida Virtual Schools Director & Newsletter Editor
Terri Golden
Board Advisor & Conference Book Store
Sharen Lewis
Membership Chair
Sandy Wallace
Technology Chair
Terri Golden
Board Advisor
Paul George
Board Advisor
Santo Pino
Board Advisor
Janet Spence
Board Advisor
Jeff Garthwaite
Corporate Sponsor Manager
Lawson Brown Jr.