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Florida League of Middle Schools 49th Annual State Conference
Coming Saturday, August 7, 2021
The Time is NOW! Newfound Optimism & Well-being!

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Join the League & the Best of Florida's Middle School Champions for this live, virtual event as we rally with Newfound Optimism & Well-being! #Back2School2021

Jack Berckemeyer will jumpstart the day with his humor and real talk about today's young adolescent learners. After some "never boring" Jack time, you will be all set to take on two, back-to-back breakout sessions featuring your colleagues from around the state with practical school and classroom strategies for success in the middle grades.

Yes, we will have quick transition breaks, but you will want to stay close! Enrique Feldman will be there to reel you in with his movement games and then bring us the finale that is sure to spark your curiosity about how we live and learn.

This conference promises to bring the NOW! You'll be glad that you were part of this unique learning community that is all about building a culture of value and respect for each other and our amazing tweens!

All we need is you!

We are excited to bring you this incredible morning of professional development and enthusiasm for the work we do! If you have any questions, email us at
Wishing you well,

Steve Frazier, Executive Director

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